Happy 1st Birthday to Check In, Check Out!

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A year and 218 posts ago, I promised to spill vacationhomerental.com’s secrets on the best travel deals, from Florida vacation homes to Hawaii vacation rentals and everywhere in between–and beyond.

We’ve been to Oregon, the Philippines, Thailand and Maine. We’ve talked log cabins in Wisconsin, ski chalets in Colorado, thatched cottages in Ireland and ooh-la-la flats in Paris. Every single property–even the budget ones–has stirred wanderlust in me, and perhaps in you, too.

And while it’s been a trying year in so many ways for the nation, the urge to dive off a cliff in Greece and play flag football on a lawn in New England hasn’t waned. To want to be on vacation is only human.

I know, I know: If I only had the money. If I only had the time.

Well hopefully the blog has helped you make it happen with last-minute deals and value-priced condos and estates. I look forward to surfacing more.

Loyal readers and newbies to the site, is there anything you’d like to see more on Check In, Check Out? Hit me on Twitter @ checkincheckout. And thanks for celebrating today with us.

Let’s go find another pearly white beach to twinkle our toes in.

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