Haunted Cities: New Orleans Vacation Rentals

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Yet one more reason not to stay in a hotel: In New Orleans, you could be snuggling with a ghost.


Hotel Provincial, a former Confederate hospital, took the No. 1 spot on the list of Top 10 Most Haunted Hotels in the U.S., according to Haunted America Tours. Building No. 5 is said to be the creepiest, with former soldiers dressed in full uniform and scaring the bejesus out of guests.

Indeed, New Orleans, known for Mardi Gras, beignets, po’boys, the Neville Brothers and wallflowers flashing themselves into sex kittens, also has a rep for its ghostly visitors.

During this spooky time of year, N’awlins needs to do very little other than be itself to create the Halloween spirit. The plantation-style homes–fitted with ornate candelabras and wrought-iron fences–plus lantern-lit streets and lonesome courtyards conjure the feeling of lost souls. It’s the kind of place where you wouldn’t be surprised if you discovered a cloudy silhouette invading your snapshots from vacation.

And while the idea of haunted tours doesn’t exactly sound like an ideal getaway, the Big Easy seduces with so much more: amazing restaurants and an unabashed appetite for sin and song.

Book your New Orleans vacation rental now for the week of Oct. 24, when the Crescent City will host a Halloween Parade in Mardi Gras fashion. Expect krewes sailing down the streets of the French Quarter on floats, and crazy costumes like Jon and Kate Gosselin.

Don’t be scared, kiddies. They’re just costumes.

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