Heaven is a Bahamas Vacation Home

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Whatever stress you’re dealing with right now–proposal deadlines and a demanding boss–can surely be forgotten at the bottom of Rainbow Bay.

The fella in this photo looks perfectly calm, doesn’t he? Heck yeah. He’s snorkeling in some of the clearest water he’s probably ever seen–exactly the place to drown his worries.

This Bahamas vacation home is on the chiller Caribbean side (The more active waters of the Atlantic are on the other side of the vacation rental, according to the owner.), where the perfect day may involve fishing, swimming and unwinding on the porch to take in the purple-pink horizon.

All three bedrooms at this Bahamas beach rental have sliding doors that lead to water views. There’s a fully equipped kitchen to save on eating out so you can fry up that grouper you caught during your fishing expedition instead.

So what are you waiting for? Deserted beaches await, and in the owner’s words, lots of relaxing.

“Time here is not an issue, the sun comes up, and the sun goes down.”

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  1. And exactly, this is the place to drown everyone’s worries.

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