Hilton Head Vacation Rentals for Spring Breakers

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So your house isn’t on the water’s edge, but it’s a few blocks away. Those folks from Michigan aren’t going to mind. They’d happily stroll a few minutes longer in the sun than have to spend one more March day in long johns.

Besides, if your Hilton Head vacation rental has a pool as lovely as the one pictured, it’s not going to matter. Some people favor the sand-free pool and the privacy of a backyard over public beaches.

With spring break season upon us and wallets still not completely wide open, now is the time to put the aggressive sell on your property. Choose sparkling photos and descriptive copy to describe location and any amenities that may put your listing in the forefront of travelers’ minds.

Your listing should take the guesswork out of finding the perfect vacation home and be presented like a virtual open house. The South Carolina vacation home featured does precisely that, frontloading immaculate spaces with freshly made beds (The towels at the foot of each mattress are a nice touch), an awesome patio that places the home just a few blocks from the ocean and a hot tub–with cover off–to warm those Midwestern feet.

And speaking of heat: If you’re planning on renting the home from March to November, there’s a $200/week charge to heat the pool. For spring break, it’s an extra that you should probably invest in–perhaps a cost to be divided among the 12 of you?

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