Holidays In Hawaii Vacation Rentals

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It’s a little more than t-minus two weeks to Turkey Day, and while many of us already know where we’ll be carving our white and dark meat, there’s 1 percent who don’t have any plans.

OK, maybe 2 percent.

To that group we say, what about Hawaii vacation rentals?

If it sounds like a crazy idea, we counter: What’s crazy about it? For the folks with no family nearby or singletons who have never turned on a stove let alone stuffed a turkey, a spontaneous trip to the featured Makaha vacation home might be easier to manage than bringing a potluck dish to your neighbors.

And the house just happens to be available from Nov. 22 to 29.

The one-bedroom Turtle Cove condo, which sleeps four guests and rents for $1,200 for that particular week, is blessed with sweet views of the Pacific and stylish upgrades like granite countertops, Thomasville Maple cabinets and a remodeled bathroom with custom tilework. A saltwater swimming pool and Jacuzzi (sans chlorine) teases with sunset views and vivid pictures of whales, dolphins, tropical fish and sea turtles in neighboring waters.

Previous renters have remarked how peaceful the beach is, and how comfortable the beds are.

So it’s entirely up to you: trytophan coma on the Smiths’ couch or delicious nap fueled by Hawaiian breezes?

Don’t feel guilty. You can always learn to cook next year.

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