9 Things That Make Your Home Away From Home

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I always loved going to hotels when I was young. It was a time to escape the house, jump on the beds, and drive my parents insane. However, as the end of our trip would draw closer, I always wanted my own bed, blankets, towels, and room. Homesickness can set in fast no matter who you are, and it can completely ruin a trip. The days will seem long and you will be counting down the moments until you can get home. The little activities you have planned can be deflated with a case of homesickness. Now that bed jumping is behind me, creating a homey environment in my hotel or rental is at the top of my list. I want to feel like I am home and on vacation! There are a few things I have learned along the years that I simply have to do. Digging through a suitcase for clothes and washing my body with scratchy hotel soap are the first things I don’t do. While you may want to be away from home, you can relax and enjoy a vacation much easier in a comfortable room. Here are nine things that will make you feel at home no matter how far away you are.

1. Unpack your suitcase

It took me several years to figure this one out, and after unpacking my suitcase once, I have never not done it. Whether I stay for two nights or ten nights, I always unpack and put my clothing and belongings in the hotel or room dresser. It keeps things clean and makes me feel much more relaxed.

2. Make the room yours

Bring a photo from home, rearrange the furniture, untuck the sheets, open the curtains, and set out your makeup, books, hair products, or accessories on the counter. This will make the environment feel a little more like your home.

3. Pack soft comfortable clothing

This is a must for me. When I am having a lazy day at home, I pull on my sweats and snuggle up in a chair. My vacation deserves the same treatment. So grab your comfiest clothes and pack them for the days you need to feel the most like yourself.

4. Have a book

It is always hard for me to find time to read at home, so when I am on vacation, I always end the night with an hour of reading. It makes me feel so relaxed and prepares my brain for sleeping. If you struggle sleeping in a different environment, this can help calm your mind; a boring book will have you snoring in no time!

5. Relax

While it is good to get out and about while on vacation, don’t over plan your days. Too many activities can not only exhaust you, but make your hotel room nothing but a place to sleep. Relax, play some music, and enjoy your room a little each day.

6. Fill the fridge with food

This doesn’t mean go grocery shopping for everything you can find, but it does mean buy a few comfort snacks. Fill the fridge with yogurt, string cheese, water bottles, grapes, and your favorite drinks. Grab a snack while taking that relaxing break in your comfy clothes.

7. Stay connected

Call your family, check your e-mail, and post some fun pictures of the things you did during the day. This will make you feel like you are living the best of both worlds.

8. Pack toiletries

Unless you enjoy dry hotel soap and stinky shampoo, don’t forget to bring your own from home. The trips where I have left my shampoo and conditioner at home are the trips that my showers are two minutes long and completely unpleasant.

9. Do your daily routines

Start with your typical morning routine and end your day with a night routine. This is different for everyone, but can make all the difference in a vacation from home. It is a must, but especially important for families with young children.

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