Hometown Honeymoons: Winter Rentals in Florida

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If Ivanka Trump can get married in the fall, then late-year weddings must be the new black. Or in her case, the new lace sleeve. (An impeccable style modernized by Vera Wang)

Maybe it’s the cooler weather or the buildup to the holidays, but brides and grooms are warming up to hosting their big day in October, November and December. But not everyone has a Trump-sized budget.

Perhaps you’re one of those couples who recognizes the importance of the union, but you’d rather save your dollars for a splashy honeymoon or first home. Smart.

It’s just one day, right? One day that can equal $$$.

When it comes to the honeymoon, Mr. and Mrs. have a bounty of affordable options in vacation home rentals. From Florida vacation rentals to Cape Cod house rentals, there’s a hideaway for every bank account. Had to cut 50 of your closest friends because the numbers weren’t working? You’ll forget the guilt when you’re tanning poolside in your Miami Beach vacation condo or testing the sauna in that Utah chalet.

In rough economic times, road trips shouldn’t  be out of the question or staycations in your very own zip code. With added baggage fees on major carriers, both may be the ways to save airfare for other costs like entertainment or the occasional meal out.

And if you’re newlyweds who simply don’t have enough vacation time accrued to take that getaway of a lifetime, consider a long weekend or “teaser” honeymoon. Save the sightseeing for another time. This is one case where its OK to spend most of your time in the room.

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