How to Make Renters Love Your Hawaii Vacation Homes

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Sure, it’s easy to upload photos and put together a few sentences about basic amenities.

But another ingredient needs to come across your listings–Hawaii vacation rentals and beyond–to turn leads into bookings: sheer joy.

It is this feeling that drives people to take vacations in the first place, and perhaps why you purchased the investment property yourself. As a landlord, you should make it your goal to spread that giddiness around.

The featured Maui vacation rental takes an unconventional approach in the text by speaking directly to prospective consumers. In the words of the Skeelands, “We are very proud to say that we’ve had HUNDREDS of happy guests from around the world -And not a single unhappy one! We truly love what we do ~And our main goal is to help you have a memorable Honeymoon or Vacation.”

Apparently the feeling is mutual for past renter Joanne Zivich who planned to return to the property in October. Their website description is realistic – when you look at photos and see the ocean at your feet, believe it! You will spend hours on the lovely lanai, sitting and relaxing, while enjoying island views of Molokai and Lanai. We have enjoyed turtle and whale watching from the balcony, along with gorgeous rainbows and sunsets.”

With today’s consumers such a well-informed bunch, reviews like Zivich’s are solid gold–descriptive and bubbly.

Your next round of renters will thank you for them.

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