In Love with a Laguna Beach Cottage

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Fun fact about your resident blogger: I recently vacationed in Laguna Beach, and yes, because I was hooked on the show.

I mean, wasn’t that part of the fun? Not necessarily seeing how the whole L.C.-Stephen-Kristin drama played out,  but to peek inside their HOMES.

Couldn’t you just see yourself sunning yourself inside Lauren’s infinity pool overlooking the Pacific? wouldn’t have been fun to have a barbecue in her outdoor kitchen with all your thin, bronzed, fabulous friends? There’s no stopping you from living out the dream.

I did, and I found the town to be surprisingly approachable, adorable and relaxing.

It might be a little late to book your family vacation (I went in April with my husband, two little girls and stepsister, which was fine for avoiding the crowds, but not hot enough for my liking.), but perhaps you could sneak in a little R&R before Labor Day at this Laguna Beach vacation rental cottage.

It isn’t the Conrad mansion, but unless you’re planning a family reunion, who needs the square footage anyway? Big enough to sleep four adults and two kids, this cozy  beach cottage looks straight out of a Pottery Barn catalog with fresh, panoramic views of the ocean. A full-kitchen with gas stove means Samantha can have her chocolate chip pancakes, and Seth his french toast sticks. A Ralph’s is on South Coast Highway, the main drag of the city, along with a Wild Oats on Broadway for picking up meat, fresh produce and wine.

Another plus: It’s only 30 minutes from Disneyland, just in case you want to break up your five-day passes with some beach time.

After 20 consecutive spins on the tea cups, you’ll definitely need it.

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