In San Diego on Business? Rent a Vacation Home

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When we stayed at a Laguna Beach rental this spring, my husband and I met a lovely couple who complained of how difficult it was to find an extended stay hotel that wasn’t beat up, last renovated in the 80s or overpriced. The lady, whose husband would leave Phoenix for California to work with clients for weeks at a time, ideally sought a place close to the beach and with a kitchen so that they wouldn’t always have to dine out.

It’s a shame this San Diego beach rental, priced $129-a-night on weekdays and $179-a-night on weekends, wasn’t in Laguna. It would have been perfect.

The townhouse, located in Sunset Cliffs, is steps from Bermuda Beach, one of the most picturesque views in the city. The owners definitely want you to enjoy the outdoors. They purchased two beach cruisers for riding down to the shoreline or up to the store.

A gourmet kitchen rivals any you would see in a model home (Don’t you just love the underlit cabinets, the way the granite sparkles and the big picture window?), but the private patio is my personal favorite. If you’re in town on business, make it an extended stay by flying in the spouse for a romantic weekend. The gas grill and high-top table set the scene for romantic dinners alfresco.

If the company’s footing the expenses for your California vacation home, you may as well take advantage.

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