Unleash Your Inner Explorer At Inner Space Cavern

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Would you like to be Indiana Jones for a day? You know… exploring underground crevasses and formations with a flashlight, perhaps in search of some hidden treasure?

At Inner Space Cavern in Georgetown, Texas, you can do at least some of that! You might not find a big room filled with golden artifacts, but you can explore a magical underground world filled with beautiful and interesting formations.


The Interesting Discovery of Inner Space Cavern


As Rick, one of the guides at Inner Space Cavern explained, the difference between a cave and a cavern is that a cave has a natural entrance, but a cavern is more like an underground bubble without an entrance. So how did they discover this cavern?

In 1963, when the Texas Highway Department was building what is known as highway I-35 today, they were drilling some test holes into the ground to make sure that there weren’t any sinkholes under the highway. Then, suddenly, the drill bit dropped several feet into what could only be open space. Voila, Inner Space Cavern was born!

Inner Space Cavern begins on one side of I-35 and stretches under the highway to the other side.


Exploring Inner Space Cavern


Adventure Tour

There are several tours that you can take at Inner Space. The Adventure tour is the most popular. Everyone in the family can go on this tour because you walk along an even-surfaced path for a total distance of about one mile.

The tour guide stops quite regularly along the way to point out interesting formations and explain what they are and how they were formed. Most of the “living” structures in the cavern are stalactites and stalagmites that grow towards each over thousands of years. Stalactites grow from the roof of the cavern, and stalagmites grow from the floor. When they touch, they form a pillar. For an unexplained reason, some of the structures grow sideways!

Our guide turned off the lights for a few seconds as well. Have you ever experienced complete darkness? Here you will!

This tour takes about one hour and fifteen minutes.


Wild Cave Tour

If you’re more adventurous, in reasonably good shape, and you don’t mind getting dirty, you may want to go on a Wild Cave tour to get that real “explorer” feeling!

They give you a helmet with a flashlight, gloves, elbow pads and knee pads. You go off the normal trails and crawl through narrow spaces to explore undeveloped parts of the cavern that most people don’t get to see.

This tour takes about four hours. As you can imagine, it is physically challenging and will be quite tiring. For this reason, they limit this tour to people who are 13 years or older.


Hidden Passages Tour

If you’re thinking, “isn’t there a tour that is more adventurous than the Adventure Tour, but not quite as adventurous as the Wild Cave Tour,” then the Hidden Passages Tour is perfect for you. You get a flashlight and a guide takes you along an undeveloped trail through the cavern.

The physical requirements aren’t that high on this tour, but you need to be able to move along an undeveloped trail and you shouldn’t be claustrophobic.


Other Tours

If going underground is not your thing, you can take the Sister Caves tour, which is an above-ground walking tour that lasts about one hour.


What You Need To Know

Here a few things you need to know if you go to Inner Space Cavern:

Take comfortable shoes, even if you go on the Adventure Tour.

Don’t take any food or water into the cavern.

Although the humidity is high in the cavern, the temperature is a comfortable 72°F. If it is cold outside and you wear a jacket, there is a place to leave your jacket after entering the cavern.

Don’t touch any of the formations in the cavern, unless your guide says you can. This is a live cavern and any touching can damage it.

With several different tours available, there should be a suitable tour for everyone. If you are in the vicinity of Georgetown, Texas, be sure to put Inner Space Cavern on your list of places to visit. It is an experience that you will remember!

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