It Better Be Fun

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Imagine that last year, you went on an awesome family vacation. You and your spouse got to act like kids again, your kids were so entertained that they didn’t bicker, and even you mother in law enjoyed herself. So now, as you plan this year’s family vacation, you’ve got the bar set high. You’re at your computer, contemplating a vacation that can be just as magical. And your spouse sees you surfing the web from across the room and says, “These vacation days are precious. It better be fun.”

It’s the vacation planning pressure cooker. You’re in it. Failure is not an option. So how do you ensure that everyone will reach maximum enjoyment? Here are a few short cuts to making happiness happen.

1. Feed your family well.

The secret is to have delicious restaurants near by and plenty of quick-to-serve items back at your home base. A vacation rental home with a full kitchen is a best bet. A mini-fridge and a microwave isn’t going to cut it. Having sandwiches and cereal for the kids at all times is a must. Interesting meals out are a great activity to keep the party alive if you have unexpected poor weather or an activity is canceled. The best way to know what area restaurants are worth a night out is to ask a local. One of the benefits of renting a vacation home is getting the insider tips from the owner.

For something really special, check out this villa in North Baja. You can have local favorites delivered to you fresh made daily. Fresh fluffy tortillas by the dozen or sweet or savory tamales. That sure beats a pizza delivery! For 5 Star dining in your home away from home, bring in the personal chef.


2. Stay some place comfortable.

You know your family’s needs better than anyone. Do they like to be in the thick of things, just a step away from the action? Or does your family like to leave the party and retreat to a quiet spot on the outskirts? There are plenty of vacation homes near major attractions so you’ll have ample choices to fit your family’s vacation style.

This Artists’ Retreat in Los Angeles is perfect for a family wanting to have the city experience then get away to a relaxing atmosphere. It’s close enough to have gorgeous downtown views, but the 5 acre landscape will make you feel miles away.

3. Pack Light

A well stocked vacation home will have many of the items you need already there. Lugging bulky things like a play yard for the baby or pool floats or a beach umbrella is near impossible if you’re flying across the country to your vacation destination. These are the details that impact enjoyment the most.

Some vacation rental homes come so well stocked, they provide items like canoes and kayaks. This Tampa beach front home has plenty for the sea lovers in your family. So come ready to paddle.

4. Let them be Surprised

Don’t tell them all the details. Let your family know what your vacation plans are, but don’t spill all the beans. Little extras will happily catch them off guard.


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