It’s Always Sunny in Your California Vacation Home

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Considering that most of the country is frostbitten now–even you, Floridians, in your frigid 20- to 40-degree temps–thoughts of Southern California vacation rentals fill our hat-donning heads.

It’s unusual to say this, but Florida vacation homes aren’t on the radar–just yet. It’s too freakin’ cold.

We want sun. Lots of it.

The house pictured brings Mother Nature indoors with a 360-degree view living room that will seriously make you question why you don’t just up and move from Omaha, Neb. Had a bad case of cabin fever this winter? One look out those floor-to-ceiling windows or up through the skylights that practically touch the sky, and you’ll understand why Californians are so laid back. The weather is glorious, the people are sun-kissed and the homes are McMansions.

The price is right, too: You’ll get 5 percent off this $2,970 weekly rental when booking online.

While the Sunshine State thaws out from its deep freeze, here’s to drinking cocktails in the rooftop spa while the ocean laps to the shore. This is California dreamin’ on such a winter’s day.

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