Keeping Vacation Rentals Clean

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This sounds easy – leave a clean property and you won’t get a complaint.  But hold on…what constitutes ‘clean’ and how can you really ensure the the self-confessed clean freaks will be happy with your efforts? Keeping vacation rentals clean can be more difficult than you might think.

You’ll never be free of the potential for complaint since some guests will never be happy no matter what you do.  We’ve all come across those types – the ones that will pick holes in the most pristine of places since that’s just the way they are.  And, when you only have 4 – 5 hours on a changeover to cover every aspect of your cleaning program, there is a limit to what can be done.  However, if you follow these few suggestions, there will be little room for negative comment.

Clear clutter

At one time, second homes were the repository for everything that should have headed to the landfill, from mattresses that were being replaced to the old vacuum cleaner with the fabric bag.  Do you remember the dust that puffed out when it was switched on? Of course, things have changed and what was acceptable in a vacation rental years ago, is now the basis for complaint if the owners haven’t caught up with the times.  In many places, clutter seems to collect and keeping vacation rentals clean is more important than ever before.

Too much stuff means dust, spider webs and the potential for something being missed in the changeover.  Take a good look at what is around and about the place and remove anything that doesn’t add to the overall ambiance.  It’s easy for things to be collected over time without much thought being given to whether they contribute to the look and feel.  This means getting rid of ornaments, old artwork, throws, old baking pans and chipped mugs and unmatched plates.  Check out bookcases for old magazines and games that have seen better days too.

Pay attention to detail

A changeover should be more than a flick of a duster and a quick spray of chemical cleaner and odor cover-up.  A ‘that’ll do’ attitude opens a place up to scrutiny that may result in negative feedback or genuine complaint, and all that is really needed is attention to detail.  A comprehensive checklist for property managers can make the difference between a happy or a disgruntled guest so it’s worthwhile compiling one that includes notes to remind whoever is doing the changeover to:

  • Check under the beds for dust bunnies
  • Wipe over all window frames and remove dead flies/ bugs
  • Look up and check for spider webs
  • Examine walls for swatted mosquitoes

Provide an efficient vacuum cleaner

Your property deserves the best and that applies to the cleaning appliances.  If you have ever been a guest in one of those places where the old home vacuum was sent to die, you will appreciate this.  There’s a dual benefit to this as most guests will want to use a vacuum to keep the place tidy while they are in residence.  If it’s ineffective it will lead them to question the quality of the cleaning that occurs between rentals, whereas a good vacuum is more likely to be used and appreciated.

These tips may seem to be no-brainers and for most owners there’s not much new to add to your regime.  However, it’s worthwhile taking a little time to consider if there’s anything you can do proactively to prevent a potential cleaning complaint. Keeping vacation rentals clean means more repeat business.

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One Response to Keeping Vacation Rentals Clean

  1. I completely agree with your views but it is not as easy as living in other countries and are subject to a managment that will take care of the cleaning.
    Besides, there is a great difference in what guests from different countries expect both of facilities and decorations in their vacation home.
    We are from Norway and are new owners who bought the house from an English couple and there are probably a lot more plastic flowers and other decorations than we do from Scandinavia like.
    But we learn constantly and good advice from those who have long experience is very valuable to us

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