Key West Condo Rentals for Ghostbusters

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Since we had so much fun talking about ghosts yesterday, here’s another city for a scary getaway: Key West, Fla.

Margaritaville is notorious for its checkered past, from voodoo practices to pirates. Ernest Hemingway, who spent more than a decade there, liked it so much he reportedly is still hanging around. (Then again, if you’re going to be haunted by anyone, how cool would Hemingway be? Surely he’d be more friendly than the Lady in Blue, who was hung by an angry mob after she sliced up her husband and two boys, as legend has it. Supposedly she still lurks at Captain Tony’s, also a favorite bar of Hemingway’s, near the tree where she died. At the very least, you could chat with Mr. H about his books and offer him a mojito, his cocktail of choice, to bribe your way out of torture.)

I’ll leave it to the professionals at two tour companies–The Ghosts & Legends of Key West and Ghost Tours of Key West–to take you ghost hunting at landmarks like The Otto Mansion, the old city morgue and The Heritage House Museum. Personally, I’d rather be on the beach with a good book, say “The Garden of Eden,” or sitting in a Key West condo rental with my lost shaker and salt.

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