Kid-Free Vacations: South Beach Condo Rentals

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Much to my surprise, a few friends have decided to take off to the Indianapolis Colts season opener this weekend–without the kids.

In fact, come September, it’s a yearly tradition they share with their neighbors, who also have minors.

What I can’t get over: How they can sneak in a trip at the beginning of a school year. What? Really? Parents can do that? Assuming you have a babysitter, why yes you can.

For moi, while being in Indy does have its perks (decent drive, but not too far if I needed to rush home), a long weekend in a South Beach condo rental is more my scene. Strolling for eye candy along Ocean Drive, shopping on Lincoln Road and cocktailing poolside remind me of days when Hello Kitty birthday cakes and school supply lists weren’t on my radar.

A long weekend, in this parent’s mind anyway, should be as disparate from your day-to-day routine as possible. A cure to the baby blues? Perhaps a cocktail on the roof at the Mondrian or a couples massage at The Biltmore are in order.

Incidentally, I would be going on the Indy trip, but we couldn’t get a babysitter. So I’ll save my mommy trip for a vacation in 33139.

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