Kissimmee: A Hidden Find for Florida Vacation Rentals

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When you’re scoping out Florida vacation rentals, keep Kissimmee on your radar.

With budget-friendly condos, townhomes and single-family residences renting for comparable rates to hotels, this getaway hub makes for a sensible option for families. And you’ll kiss us when you peruse prices. The vacation rental featured above, a three-bedroom townhouse with room for up to eight guests, lists for just $85 a night.

That’s $595 a week–almost cheaper than a multiday pass to area theme parks.

Speaking of those, Disney World, Sea World and Universal Studios are all within driving distance, a mere 15 to 25 minutes. If you wanted to, you could break for meals at home and save yourself a lot of dinero for more important things, say, a rotating Tinkerbell light globe.

If you’re interested in the aforementioned property, here’s another incentive: The owner will provide renters with discount codes to theme parks, according to the listing.

That should free up money to hit the local outlets, downtown Disney and day trips to Tampa, St. Petersburg and if you so choose, Sarasota beaches, proving your spouse wrong that’s there’s nothing more to central Florida than just Mickey Mouse.

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