‘Knowin’ a guy with a New York Vacation Home

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Squished into closets called “efficiency studios” and paying a mint for them, New Yorkers look forward to summer vacation for surf, sand and square footage.

Whether it’s a Hamptons vacation rental or Long Island vacation home, it’s always nice to have the hookup, that guy or gal with that sweet beach retreat for you to live out your Great Gatsby dream.

If that sounds like heaven, The New York Daily News says this is your summer to save big if you’re willing to be flexible with dates. In Long Beach Island, N.J., for example, August is the hottest month for the coming season, but June and July could be reserved for as little as $800 a week, the article noted.

A lot of travelers go the broker route, leaving it up to the middle man to gather information, then wheel and deal with the property owner to score the best rate once summer starts. The question is: Why do that, when all the information is housed right here? Worst-case scenario: You don’t get that Mattituck vacation home you had your heart set on and you find a better price at in a Catskills vacation rental instead.

You’ll still be getting out of that Cracker Jack box you call home sweet home–at least temporarily, anyway–and that’s a very good thing.

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