Las Fallas: The Fires of Valencia

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The annual Las Fallas festival in Valencia, Spain is held March 15-19. This festival in honor of Saint Joseph involves neighborhood groups constructing monuments that will be paraded around the city then later burned in celebratory fires. Each day of the festival involves different celebrations and processions including comedic parades and marching bands.

The afternoon fireworks displays will keep your heart racing. This festival is a perfect family vacation for your teens and tweens who are tired of the same old family beach trip. Explosions and bonfires fit the excitement bill to the fullest.

This historic home in the heart of the city provides a dream view of the celebrations in the street. The living area opens to a street view balcony with double doors so the whole gang can watch from above. The home is three stories, giving you plenty of options to see down the street to other neighborhoods and additional parades.


If you’re taking younger children to the festival, check out the falla infantil or the “children’s falla” which is smaller and begins earlier on the last evening of the festival. While the bonfires normally begin at midnight, this one for children begins at 10pm. But this is vacation so who’s really minding bedtime rules?


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