Las Vegas Vacation Rentals for the Winter Blues

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A second look at “The Hangover” reminded me of all the potential worst-case scenarios during a Vegas vacation: In one night, you could be bankrupt, at the hospital or in jail. It’s no wonder that folks can get their fill in just three or four days.

And yet, that is the appeal of the Sin City. Like that sequin polyester tube top you rarely wear, it’s good for at least once a year.

With a long weekend coming up (that’s Martin Luther King Jr. Day on Monday, Jan. 18), here’s a way to shake off those winter blues: Reserve a Las Vegas vacation rental. You have the day off anyway.What would it hurt to be spending it at the blackjack table?

From gargantuan villas just minutes from the Strip to junior suites at institutions like the MGM Grand, you’ll feel every bit the highroller in pimped-out spaces with sleek furnishings, windows that look out to the city or your very own pool with grotto. The MGM suite featured even comes with its own kitchenette, should your hangover hunger get so strong that even a 7-Eleven burrito looks appetizing.

The room also rents at a budget-friendly price of $600 a week (or $100-$120 a night) through the end of the year. Sure, it isn’t Phil’s, Doug’s, Alan’s and Stu’s whale of a villa in the movie, but when you’re in Vegas, who stays in their room the whole time anyway?

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