Las Vegas Vacation Rentals: Lofts to Love

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Some photos are so magnetic that you find yourself clicking, clicking and clicking because no matter how many times you view them, each one feels like new.

Case in point: the featured Las Vegas vacation rentals.

They’re some of the best images we’ve seen on the site, showcasing a one-of-a-kind property in a sea of property stunners.

The Wolfson Lofts, which rent for $2,499 a week or $375 a night, channel our dreams of living the highroller lifestyle. The four-bedroom vacation homes encompass 3,500 square feet of space, marrying modern amenities with old-school Vegas glam. The pieces of architectural eye candy are too numerous to cover comprehensively, but these are among our favorites:

1. The open living room. This just might be the coolest bachelor pad in Vegas, what with its sky-high ceiling, metal staircase, gallery of oversized windows and mini black-and-white lounge areas.

2. The kitchen. You’ve seen fancy cabinets, but have you seen fancy cabinets designed in a crescent? These hug the wall and are planted on the ground to allow the natural light from the windows to flood through.

3. The white minimalist “cue” chairs. We call them cue chairs because they remind us of cue balls, which works since we’re talking about the gamblers’ paradise.

4. The spa bathroom. There’s no mistaking what wows about this space: the single spout dripping into the Jacuzzi from the ceiling (omg!). The rainfall shower head and body sprays are a close second.

Quick. Grab the crew and head to Vegas. We want to hear all about this crib on Twitter @checkincheckout.

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