Las Vegas Vacation Rentals top Frommer’s Budget Getaways

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When you’re 22 and accustomed to crashing friends’ pads to save your money for shots, anything other than a futon seems like a luxury. After a few months on your first job, you may even spring for a hotel–so long as your crew is willing to go dutch on the bill.

Today, you and your wife don’t get to vacation as much as you used to. Like everyone else, you spend countless hours pondering and researching each purchase, because no matter what, you have a family to think about.

Well, Arthur Frommer himself ranks the Sin City as the very best deal for those of us traveling on a dime. Hotels hard-hit by the recession are throwing up deals like bling on a Liberace piano–the more, the better.

Everyone knows that on paper, the initial sticker price of a Vegas vacation never matches its final cost. As soon as those credit card transactions hit, you could be forking over hundreds for shows, cover charges, rounds of cocktails and the endless ATM withdrawals in pursuit of Lady Luck.

Now that you’re a more practical and moderate 34-year-old, you don’t have to rule out Las Vegas altogether; you just have to experience her differently. Las Vegas vacation rentals cater to the visitor who has graduated from strip clubs to golf courses, suites on the Strip to villas in gated communities. Perhaps your pregrame before was knocking back a few Crown Royals in the room before scoping out the talent at the club; well now your hottie of choice is your wife, and you two are happy enough with friends and a cooler full of Coronas in the backyard.

In terms of pricepoint, Las Vegas vacation homes run the gamut from affordable Spanish-style villas to upscale compounds ready for highrollers. Even the home, a modest $125-$150 a night near Red Rock Canyon, Lake Mead and the Hoover Damn, comes with its own VIP extras. How many homes have you stayed in that had its own barbecue island and private putting green?

Sure, neither constitutes garden-variety Sin City fun, but at the end of the day, at least you won’t be arrested.

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