Lazy Rivers at Myrtle Beach Condo Rentals

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Of all the Myrtle Beach vacation rentals featured on Check-In, Check-Out, it took a whole two seconds for the photo above to grab our attention.

Owners, hear us out: That is the type of image you want on your profile page.

As a lead picture, it works by distinguishing itself from the rest, a zinger just as eye-catching as a plane flying overhead with a banner. Folks won’t be able to help but stop to look.

The color pic of the new lazy river at the oceanfront Myrtle Beach resort entices, proving that action scenes tell more of a story than stagnant stills. What’s more, it prompts potential renters to envision themselves floating on those innertubes, soaking up another hazy day of summer.

The body of the listing makes an effective use of a bullets, hitting us with the necessary deets, including the number of pools, spas, tennis courts and convenience stores on the property. (The answers: six, three, four and one)

Landlords, listen up: Lose the guessing game when it comes to describing your vacation rental. It will save folks time and speed up their decision making.

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