Live in a Lifetime Movie

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I have to admit I absolutely love Lifetime Movies, so when I found out we have a property were a Lifetime movie was filmed I was more than excited.

Parts of the movie, “William and Kate” were shot in the Enchanted Manor in Studio City, California. You can even see part of the home in this preview.

Did you see that cute door in the trailer? Cause here it is in the guesthouse:

I think it would be so cool to watch the movie while staying in the home it was filmed in! If that doesn’t seem like reason enough to go, take a look at this adorable playhouse decorated for Christmas.

I absolutely love this property and want to fly out there now! Would you want spend a week vacationing on a Lifetime set?


ps. Do you have any Lifetime movie favorites? I loved Homeless to Harvard, and am always looking for suggestions!


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