Live Large in a Luxury Disney-Area Vacation Home

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It’s tough traveling with kids. After the diapers, swimsuits, flip flops, sneakers, sippy cups and if you’re brave enough to lug them to avoid another rental fee – car seats – are all packed, you cross your fingers your hotel room is big enough for you, your husband, babies and the one suitcase you were forced to share.

When you’re on vacation and especially when you’re with family, you need your own space.

This five-bedroom, four-bathroom Orlando vacation home on a corner lot in the gated community of Calabay Parc at Tower Lake sleeps 10, an ideal situation for that extra large brood or couples vacationing together. Three king master suites with their own bathrooms save folks from getting up extra early to get a shower before anyone else. (You’re on vacay. You should be in bed, in the pool, on the golf course, not captive to an alarm clock.)

A lanai provides privacy to a heated pool and deck, which is where I’d be spending most of my down time. And for your kids: a new game room with pool table, foosball and air hockey, plus a highchair and crib for extra iddy biddy ones.

If you’re feeling the temptation to overpack your bags, don’t. There’s a Walmart nearby. You’re not going to Siberia. They have diapers in Orlando, too.

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