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Head to the other side of the pond for one of the most festive ends of summer imaginable. The Brits call it a bank holiday, but Americans understand it as something akin to Labor Day. Either way, it’s a day off work with dancing in the street. Music and cultural festivals abound. Here are some of the high notes you can hit all in the last weeks of summer. And don’t forget to pick out an adorable London flat for your chic vacation home rental. You’ll be so immersed in British spirit, you might start munching Vegemite.

Get set for the Notting Hill Carnival on the west side of town. Here is where Brits of West Indian heritage celebrate their island traditions. Steel drums, dancers decked out in feathers, jerk chicken, and curry abound.

Stay in the heart of the West End in this smart and stylish flat.  This first floor apartment is part of an old Victorian town home, chock full of the charm and heritage that is being celebrated throughout the city. You’ll be just steps from Covent Garden Market and The Royal Opera House.

Take the train north for a day and visit the Edinburgh International Festival. Multiple venues will host plays, ballets, orchestras, and more. Performers from around the world will be featured through September 4th.

If you’ll be taking the whole family, check out this boutique loft just off the River Thames. The loft sleeps 10 and is furnished with gorgeous euro-mod style. The views from the terrace are simply spectacular. You’ll be convenient to shopping, parks, and many of the upscale boutiques London has to offer.

You’ll have plenty of space for entertaining guests. It is perfectly suited for celebrating special occasions like anniversaries, weddings, birthdays, and more. If friends are coming in from around the city, the Dockslands Light Rail station is just a short walk. This is a perfect home for hosting reunions.


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