Long Weekend, National Treasures

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What’s not to love about President’s Day? Many large companies recognize this federal holiday. Plenty of shopping centers do too with sales! If you’re packing up and heading out for the weekend, check out some of these national historic sites that remind us of the politicians from days gone by.

What could be more patriotic than a visit to Mount Rushmore? If you’re planning to spend the holiday in the Black Hills of South Dakota, head on over to take a gander at these presidential heads. Make base camp in one of these gorgeous cabins right in the center of the Black Hills National Forest. A perfect blend of rustic and resort, you’ll have access to top amenities like a private sauna while still being surrounded with natural wood designs and a perfect landscape.

Washington DC is overflowing with remembrances from every era of our national history. It’s more politics than you can shake a voting booth at. The National Mall is prime real estate for presidential photo-ops. Check out the Lincoln Memorial on the west side for an enchanted sunset image even an amateur photographer can capture.

The Founding Fathers attempted to lay out the city for maximum convenience in the pre-automobile days. This apartment is perfect for a walking week in the city. You’ll be just one block from Union Station, the center of it all. If seeing modern politics in action is what you’re most interested in, the apartment is located on F Street, just a short walk to famous K Street to see the lobbyists.

Union Station


Head to historic Staunton, Virginia to visit the Woodrow Wilson Presidential Library. The Library is located at the Woodrow Wilson Birth Place, the home of the Wilson family where the future president was born in 1856. The library contains a collection of World War I documents, memoirs, and artifacts. You’ll feel totally immersed in the pastoral culture that is still alive and well in Virginia in this vacation farm house. The home has space for eight guests, so bring the whole family for a history buff vacation and dig through the archives.

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