Los Angeles Area Vacation Rentals in Stress Central?

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Forbes’ feature on America’s Most Stressful Cities brought a few surprises in the No. 1 and 2 spots: Las Vegas and Los Angeles, where residents apparently suffer a lack of exercise, a housing crisis and unemployment, among other factors.

If any locals want to set the record straight, hit us on Twitter @checkincheckout. We’re not completely believing it.

While we await your take, let’s focus on the bright side: Both cities make great tourist destinations.

Since we sprinkled some love on Las Vegas vacation homes recently, it’s time to give Los Angeles Area vacation rentals their due.

From casual cool Venice Beach to glamorous Hollywood, there’s a condo, bungalow or estate for your next getaway. Many, like the above property in the Hollywood Hills, boast the luxe feel of a photo shoot, with furnishings as flashy as the stars.

Inside the home pictured, find a stunning color scheme of pewter and cobalt, from the powerful oven hood to the steam shower with a seamless door. Outside, cool your sun-kissed skin in the private pool.

By practicing your breast stroke or hiking nearby Laurel Canyon, be rest assured that you’re doing your part to dispel L.A.’s rep as an unfit city.

Like we buy that for a minute. Sha.

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