Low-Key Laguna Beach Vacation Rentals for Bachelorette Parties

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You were in each other’s first grade class, picked out prom dresses together and wound up at the same college–go figure.

Naturally, she asked you to stand as her maid of honor, which you’ve come to realize isn’t just a one-day commitment.

Besides the dress fittings, there are showers and teas to plan plus appointments to scope out venues when the groom isn’t available. You’re pooped just thinking about it.

Well, tick one item off your agenda: a low-key bachelorette party in California vacation rentals.

From laid-back Laguna Beach to fashionable San Francisco, your BFF the bride will love spending a long weekend with all her besties in a lovely vacation home. Think about it: Since she got engaged, she’s been in hyper planning mode, comparing color swatches, meeting with bakeries, florists, caterers and every staffer in between.

Girlfriend could use a break, and so could you.

At the featured Laguna Beach vacation home, you’ll talk for hours by the fire pit over a bottle of wine handpicked from the private wine cellar, or go for walks on the nearby beach or area trails. During the day, peruse Laguna’s many galleries and cute boutiques, and maybe pick up a shower gift along the way.

The house sleeps 12 comfortably, and boasts an ample kitchen, master balcony, wine atrium and claw foot bathtub for the ultimate restful vacation.

You’ll get back to the business of being a bridesmaid later. For now, kick your feet up and treat yourself to those Pacific Ocean views.

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