Luck Be in Las Vegas Vacation Rentals

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French agency Pierre et Vacances took the unusual step of offering up to 150 euros in money back to any customers staying at its properties if a vacation is spoiled by bad weather. In the case of rain, the company would determine travelers’ “Sunshine Insurance” by analyzing satellite photographs taken by the French national weather service.

It’s a nice bit of protection and all, but why risk gloomy weather when you don’t have to? If sun is what you’re after, you’re better off staying right here in the United States.

Florida vacation rentals are givens, but if we’re talking summer vacation, Las Vegas vacation rentals qualify, too. This week, for instance, tops out in the low 100s, according to, with next month’s temps not dipping much lower. Add the $138 round-trip airfares and value-priced vacation condos like the one on the infamous Strip above ($149 a night during the week, $249 on weekends), and it’s a win-win.

Sure, the idea of basking in the French Riviera or traipsing around gay Par-ee appeals to us all, but does it make sense while the dollar is still weaker than the euro? If you lose your money at the tables, at least you’ll still be able to walk away with a tan–and bragging rights that you spent a weekend in Sin City.

Save Paris for spring.

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