Lucky You! Friday the 13th Vacations

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This year is special not only because it’s a Leap Year, but there will also be three Fridays the 13th. Check out these places to test your luck.

High rollers head to St. Simons Island for an evening dinner and gambling cruise. Take your winnings back to shore and enjoy a round of luxury golf, a night out in one of the island’s exciting pubs, or sit on it and watch the ocean. This cottage by the Pier is ideal for a truly relaxing retreat where you’ll feel lucky even if you don’t make it to the gambling cruise. Crisp furnishings and prime location make this vacation home feel like a resort with all the privacy in the world. Bring your true love and see just how lucky this cottage by the sea can be.

If you’re searching for lucky charms, head to Ireland for a clover hunt. The “Luck of the Irish” is easy to find in golf, beer, and sausages. This stone front home in Dingle is perfectly located near one of the country’s foremost courses and some delicious pubs. Maybe the you’ll get your first hole-in-one. This home has four bedrooms and space for 9, so bring the kids along. If four leafed clovers are the luck they seek, head out to one of the many natural wonders that surround the county. Ventry Beach is an ideal setting for enjoying the boggy and brackish ecosystem where clovers (and possibly leprechauns) thrive.

If exploring the unlucky is more your style, dig into history in France. The legends of the Knights Templar and their bloody quarrel with the Pope are waiting to be discovered in centuries-old chapels throughout the country. Friday the 13th marks the day the skirmish began between these Crusaders and European politics. Commemorate this snippet of history in Paris. This apartment is a stylish and peaceful respite after exploring the gory past. The classic french furnishings and well designed space make this apartment roomy enough for a family.


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