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If you had to describe your dream beach getaway, it’s a cottage on the Atlantic far away from the hustle of tourists, strip malls and tattoo parlors.

You like your beaches private, enveloped by woods and covered with rocks. Those Floridians can have their pink and mint buildings–you don’t care for ’em.

Your beach style is classic New England. More Maine vacation rentals, less Miami vacation homes.

In Bar Harbor, don’t be surprised when your heart rate slows to a leisurely pace not directed by iPhones, iPads or Blackberries or PowerPoints. The attention here focuses squarely on Mother Nature. When you’re not whale watching, kayaking or hiking, you’ll be cycling the some 55 miles of carriage trails that wind through Acadia National Park. If those activities are too tame, a climb supervised by the many guiding companies in the area will have you testing your endurance, strength and flexibility up rose-hued sea cliffs. And while you’re breathing in the ocean air, don’t forget to spot the wildlife native to these parts, like the moose, deer, seals and fox.

Should the property featured tickle your fancy, keep the month of June on your calendar, when it rents for $2,500 a week. (June and July are $3,200-$3,500 a week)

And what a value that is considering the vistas surrounding the three-bedroom property, which has also been designated as an Essential Habitat for the Nesting Bald Eagle.

Better pack that wide angle lens. That’s an image you’ll want to frame.

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