Manhattan Vacation Rentals: Hardly the Underdogs

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Gotham never had trouble convincing outsiders–and especially its residents–that it is the greatest city on Earth.

What doesn’t, after all, start in New York? It’s a town set on permanent titillation. To quote the goddess Alicia Keys, “Concrete jungle dreams are made of … there’s nothing you can’t do …”

Persuading NFL fans, however, that the Jets had any business in the playoffs was another story. But there those New Yorkers go again: disproving everyone.

While the Indianapolis Colts are favored to win tomorrow, they won’t win in the contest of tourism. If you had the choice to spend late January in a Manhattan vacation rental or Indianapolis vacation home, there’s no competition.

When planning a trip, a visitor’s instinct is to look for a hotel, but the wiser option would be to check into the hundreds of studios, junior one bedrooms and penthouses available from owners. It’s common sense: You’ll get more space, and that matters if you play to stay awhile or travel with a group.

The New York City vacation apartment  featured is a steal. For $180 a night during January and February, you’ll live like a true Manhattanite in a one-bedroom beauty equipped with its own 42-inch plasma TV, kitchen, wireless Internet access and Moroccan-inspired decor. Within walking distance to must-see spots like Times Square, 5th Avenue and the Theater District, the apartment especially caters to first-timers. The 1,000-square-foot terrace, with a gorgeous view of the Empire State Building, is bigger than the actual apartment, which would be considered a palace by New York standards at 850-square feet.

And as in football, every inch gained in real estate counts.

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