March Into Ireland Vacation Rentals

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This St. Patrick’s Day, skip the bars that parade themselves as Irish pubs with their neon shamrocks, green beer and corned beef and cabbage specials.

That authentic experience is across the pond, where drunken revelry is only part of the story.

Spend your next vacation exploring the craggy landscape dotted with sheep, rolling farmland and tiny towns painted in all shades of the rainbow. You’ll be in awe of just how mystical it is, and amazed at the wonder that is Irish breakfast. (Eat the black pudding and rashers–the grease will soak up the last night’s badness from the pub.)

Ireland vacation homes like the one above may appear to be antiquated from the outside, but are fitted with the modern amenities one would expect for this century like granite countertops, stainless steel appliances, jet tubs and in some homes, open floor plans with modern furniture.  And just so that you don’t feel shortchanged from your true Irish experience, there are even rentals that have retained those historical touches, like wood-burning stoves, large hearths, stone walls and low-ceilinged rooms that create a sense of intimacy for those afternoons that call for conversing over Barry’s Tea.

Yes, they do drink more than Guinness over there, and lots of it.

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