Mexico Vacation Rentals are Hacienda Heavens

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Talk about curb appeal.

And for $1,350 a week through the end of May, this Mexico vacation rental makes Southern California look like podunk.

If you’re looking for an affordable, kid-friendly vacation in a sun-drenched exotic locale, Mexico is the way to go. Villas don’t sacrifice service for style; they often both come hand in hand at these gorgeous multi-room haciendas that are often staffed with their own maids and chefs.  So while you may have defaulted to all-inclusives in the past, nothing beats the privacy and casual feel of your own vacation home.

For two families vacationing together, the above duplex dubbed Casa Que Canta (The House That Sings) is an attractive option. Split by a charming courtyard with a fountain, each homes boasts a dining room, kitchen and living room decorated with built-in stone furniture and exotic, but not over-the-top masks. Mexican tile is cool to your toes’ touch after a long day of exploring the Mayan ruins or snorkeling the coral-rich waters of Quintana Roo.

On the days when no one feels like hanging out in the palapa, take your brood to the Mayan ruins and be wowed by the real-life history that no National Geographic special could do justice.

Then return to your haven and mix a frosty margarita to enjoy while your kids fall asleep to the sound of the crashing surf.

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