Miami Beach Vacation Rentals for King LeBron and Crew

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As the weeks leading up to Thursday night’s announcement have proven, it’s LeBron’s world, and we only live in it.

Home state roots aside, the sheen of South Beach, coupled with the dream duo of Bosh and Wade, was far more alluring than team loyalty. Even before the live decision aired, King James reportedly had planned a celebration all along, renting out six cabanas at the W South Beach for the weekend, according to US Magazine.

The highest of high rollers getting settled in Miami.

We can’t say we’re surprised in the least.

Well, LeBron, if you’re looking for a place to crash while you look for your multimillion dollar pad, perhaps you should consider Miami Beach vacation rentals like the one pictured. It’s certainly not the Viscaya, but surely someone in your entourage would find the digs, a two-bedroom luxury apartment in the Setai, comfortable and contemporary enough.

Besides its ocean views, three sparkling pools and 24-hour concierge service, the property is in the heart of South Beach. From Collins Avenue to pedestrian-friendly Lincoln Road, the restaurant-, shop- and club-hopping is as deep as LeBron’s pockets. In this neon-lit mirage of Mazaratis and bottle service, this land was made for kings.

Welcome to Miami, Mr. Heat.

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