Miami Beach Vacation Rentals Make the Best Staycations

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The neighbors brought back Cowgirl Creamery cheese and a few bottles of Sauvignon from their two-week vacation in San Francisco. Your co-workers raved about their all-inclusive resort in Aruba.

You envy them because you didn’t plan a summer vacation this year. By the time you wrapped up your work projects, it was Aug. 1, which begs the question: Is it too late?

Not if you live in South Florida or any other enviable destination spoiled with sand, surf and sun.

Staycation was the buzzword a few years ago, but as far as budget-minded travelers and locals go, they’ll always be in vogue. Vacation rental owners, it’s up to you to craft deals to nab those of us latecomers with deals for late August and early September.

Starting with South Beach vacation rentals like the one pictured, Florida vacation rentals are always a good place to start looking. With school back in session, the tourists have left, but the blissful weather hasn’t.

The above choice will allow you to live like a local in the quiet L’Etoile building just steps from Lincoln Road. With only four units (three one-bedrooms and one two-bedroom) onsite, the property ensures privacy, which will be nice when you’re practicing your butterfly stroke in the pool (completely fenced in for extra security) or sipping on a cool caipirinha before sampling SoBe’s famous nightlife.

Not that locals would need this, but it is a nice touch: rent-a-cell service for just $50 a week. A handy solution for when the battery suddenly goes caput in your digital camera.

The key to making friends jealous of you on vacation is being able to upload photos in real time.

Take that, Mr. and Mrs. Jones.

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