Minnesota Vacation Rentals for Fall Shopping Sprees

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Everyone has a talent.

Your brother is a whizz at managing five Fantasy Football trackers at once. Your mom, a champion baker.

And you?

Well you just happen to be a social butterfly who loves to shop, shop, shop. And this year, you can’t think of a better weekend getaway than organizing a fall shopping trip with the girls to Minnesota vacation rentals.

Why the Twin Cities? Three words, ladies: Mall of America.

The Taj Mahal of American capitalism bursts with more than 400 stores, employs nearly 12,000 workers and is visited by 35 million to 40 million people a year, according to the mall’s website. It’s so big that there’s a Legoland and Nickelodeon Theme Park inside. But for once, your shopping won’t be held up because daddy will be at home with the tykes.

Sure, you could choose a hotel, but a big home like the one pictured offers more space for your precious cargo, like that new pair of leather over-the-knee-boots to wear over skinny cords. And being an hour away from the mall keeps you from overstaying your welcome at Betsey Johnson. With one weekend allotted, you’ll be forced to at least spend at least one night catching up over a bottle of wine around the brick stone fireplace.

So what do you say, girls? Are you free the weekend of the 25th?

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