Montana Vacation Homes: Fall Getaways in the West

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My best friend’s husband has a dream: To own 40 acres on a rustic Montana ranch–complete with a John Deere, a babbling brook to skip rocks over and plenty of sticks for their sons to fence with.

Their current scenario forces them to live in a purgatory of sorts: Not the city, not the rural sprawl they so desire, but a Virginia subdivision complete with prefab, one-style-fits-all homes where the home owners association levies fees for discolored siding.

So to move away from the nosy neighbors is a respectable dream.

Big Sky Country, Mt., home to a ski resort of the same name, delivers some of the most fantastic scenery in the West, a peaceful area blessed with summits, trails, falls and log cabins with roomy porches. Big Sky vacation rentals inspire travelers to throw on a pair of Chap and a gallon hat and herd them doggies down the pasture.  OK, so maybe that’s an exaggeration, but beneath the wild blue yonder and at the foot of Lone Mountain, you’ll feel like anything is possible.

While 22-degree weather (the actual temperature today) is more winter than fall, if you’re game, the chilly weather is worth it for the endless picture taking opportunities. Tamarack and aspen trees pop in golds and yellows. Moose roam.

The scenes are enough to make you want your own, real life John Deere.

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