Montauk Vacation Rentals and the Notorious Madoff

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For $8.75 million, you can bid on the home that Ponzi built: Bernie Madoff’s former private beach residence on Long Island.

The David Webb-designed house is surprisingly unflashy–fitted with Formica counters and on the smaller side compared with other properties, according to Fortune–considering its ex-owner pirated $65 billion from the people who entrusted him with their life savings and retirements.

Yet the new owner may feel a sense of giving back while enjoying those heavenly ocean views. All the proceeds from the auction and sale will go toward a fund for Madoff’s victims.

The rest of us, meanwhile, will be saving up for our next summer vacation at a Montauk vacation rental like the one above, a relative bargain at $1,500 a week to $3,800 a week depending on the month. The owner gushes about the area’s secluded dunes and virtually uninhabited coastline.

No wonder Bernie felt at home there. It was a hiding place.

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