My Dream Maine Lake Rental

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I love Maine in the summer. Long days spent in the hot summer sun, broken up with quick jumps into the cold water. Take a look at my dream Maine lake rental, which gives the full summer Maine experience.

maine lake rental

I love properties that fit perfectly with their surroundings. This cottage nestles into the trees off Swan Lake marvelously. The cottage is filled with charm, but so is the amazing, pristine lake.

maine lake rental kids

The dock on Swan Lake is where all the best memories start with canoeing, snacking, sunbathing, and swimming. Looks like the best place for the kids. Do you think you could tear your kids away? And the floating dock is sure to be a hit with both kids and adults.

maine lake vacation rental floating dock

Once you and the kids are all worn out by the outdoors (it can happen) you can enjoy the living room tucked in the trees with a view of the lake. Over a week long visit you can expect to fall asleep in the comfy floral chairs at least a few times.

But what makes this property my Dream Maine lake rental is the amazing kitchen. Take a look:

maine lake rental kitchen

That kitchen is so up my alley. I love the mismatching chairs and the vintage yellow fridge. I could imagine having a delicious pancake breakfast here, complete with wild Maine blueberries.

Not only is this cottage super adorable, but it also gets great reviews. The cottage has four 5-star reviews, which all sounds like this one from Fiona from NY, “Just got back from a week at this property and my family loved it! The cottage is just precious, so carefully and tastefully decorated, from the paintings to the kitchenware! The view was spectacular and we felt like we were living in a tree house.”

Are you convinced yet? Is my dream Maine lake rental also your dream Maine lake rental?


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3 Responses to My Dream Maine Lake Rental

  1. Randy says:

    Really nicely written article Kendra! Maine is such a great place to vacation. Thanks for taking us there 😉

    Randy Engler
    Founder & CEO

    Expert Cleaning & Key Delivery Services for Rental Hosts

  2. Jason says:

    Nice description. Creative. Who composed that?

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