NaNoWriMo Retreat

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November is National Novel Writing Month. Every year, thousands of accomplished, aspiring, amateur, and adventurous writers compete against the calendar to complete a novel in 30 days. Escape to a writer’s vacation home retreat and let your novel out.

What could be more peaceful than a lake front cottage in the fall? Vermont’s Lake Champlain is a great spot to nest and write. This rustic cottage has exactly what you need and nothing you don’t: no noise, no busy city, no distractions. Charming details like wicker sun room furniture and a ladder access loft provide plenty of atmosphere for working on your book. If you’ve got a touch of Thoreau in your work, magnify it here. From the gorgeous pebble beach to gorgeous forest views, you’ll be able to indulge all your senses in the natural world.

If you’re working on a steamy Hemingway-esque tale of complicated love and the even more complicated ocean, head to the Florida Keys to work where the author once lived and worked. This quaint and cozy house is a perfect setting for your novel writing. The outdoor living area is perfect for relaxing after a grueling day of creativity. The private pool and patio are just right. The vibrant decor is reminiscent of Hemingway’s trademark Cuban-American fusion short story settings. If you work up a Hemingway sized thirst, the fully equipped kitchen certainly has a cork screw.

Humor writing is a tough one. The protagonist is usually stuck in some uninteresting place that you would never want to go to for vacation- even if it’s an author inspired vacation. But you can pick up the humor mojo without going to the source of the situational irony. Humor writer David Sedaris writes often about growing up outside of Raleigh, North Carolina. Just a short drive west, into the mountains of Boone, is a welcome respite from non-sensational city life. In this mountain cabin, you’ll be able to look back and laugh, then get those funnies down on paper! This vacation home is pet friendly, so bring your favorite furry editor along for a NaNoWriMo intensive.


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