New Orleans Summer Vacation is a Deal

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Our blogger Kendra is on a road trip across the United States. Check back here for weekly updates on her trip. Today she writes on her New Orleans summer vacation.

When I first arrived in New Orleans the first thing I noticed was my frizzing hair, second thing was the relatively empty streets. Other visits to New Orleans had me stuck in a crowd. I would hear street musicians but could very rarely see them. This time it wasn’t hard to see the man unicycling while playing the fiddle.

Early June can be warm, but in New Orleans it means HOT. There are advantages and disadvantages to vacationing in New Orleans for the summer. The disadvantage is the humid heat. The advantage is everything else.

Summer means less tourists and plenty of potential deals. Many New Orleans vacation rentals offer summer deals that run from June 1 to September 30 (excluding holidays and major events.)

A view from the French Quarter lets you see everyone walk by. Summer means less tourists to people watch, which could potentially qualify as a disadvantage, but is way better when you figure in the quiet sleep. The best part of my view was seeing a wedding pass by, complete with the traditional New Orleans second line.

second line wedding

If you are looking for a great time with awesome deals and less people try new Orleans in the summer. Take a look at some of our New Orleans vacation rentals. Have you ever been to New Orleans? In the summer? How about Flagstaff, AZ?

Check back next week to hear about my Arizona experience.


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