New Year’s Eve in Las Vegas Vacation Rentals

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In terms of holidays, which one gets more love in your household: Christmas or New Year’s?

Those of you who answered the former might need a swift kick by the stiletto and change it up for 2011. Sure, the presents are fun and all, but what happens when the ball drops a week later? Will you be at home in your fuzzy slippers and eating pork lo mein from a takeout box?

Certainly you can do better than that.

No one says you have to fork over a pricey cover charge just to drink Korbel from a plastic champagne glass in a cold hotel ballroom, but a little spontaneity is just what you need to start the new year off right.

So rally your friends to book Las Vegas vacation rentals.

From expansive villas with heated outdoor pools, alfresco kitchens and billiards rooms to contemporary penthouses, is flush with choices for a bachelor party, girls getaway or romantic weekend for New Year’s Eve and beyond. If your club days are long over, a vacation home strikes a happy medium: a place to host a chill house party with friends far away from the madness of the Strip.

Some, like the seven-bedroom property above (available for $650 a night until March 1, 2011), enjoy the same amenities one might find in a Las Vegas Boulevard hotel, including blackjack and pool tables, bar, waterfall and groto and inside/outside sound system for busting out the moves to Usher and Taio Cruz.

But unlike those public parades, vacation homes limit any bad dancing to just among friends. Because if you’re going to bring out the lawnmower, it better be on an actual lawn.

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