New York City Vacation Rentals: Cute Chelsea Brownstones

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With “Sex and the City 2″ debut just a few days away, women can’t help but revisit our fantasies about Manolos and martinis.

Beyond that, though, the enterprise tickles our fantasies about living in the Big Apple–even temporarily in New York City vacation rentals. After all, Manhattan is a lot closer than Abu Dhabi (but wouldn’t that be amazing?).

Who says you can’t mimic the fabulous four?

The Chelsea vacation home pictured is built for group getaways thanks to its space for 16–yes, 16–guests in two identical side-by-side units. The rent is a fair $3,200 a week per apartment, which boasts three bedrooms apiece. If the property catches your eye, we’re certain that the “girls” would approve of its location.

If you’re like Samantha, you’ll wrangle the suitors in the nearby Meatpacking District, which has some of the best nightclubs in the city.

If you’re like Charlotte, you’ll spend afternoons strolling the neighborhood’s French pastry shops.

If you’re like Miranda, you’ll relax at least one of the days in the backyard patio, family in tow.

Finally, if Carrie is your soul sister, you’ll explore the funky boutiques in Nolita and Soho for your next girls night out.

Who knows? The vacation may inspire yet another fantasy: putting the adventure down on paper, or at least in a blog post for others to envy like a sparkly new pair of Jimmy Choos.

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