New York City Vacation Rentals for Fall Shopping Trips

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If you have a grade school child like me, the back-to-school shopping is the first thing on your agenda. I don’t know about you, but the whole process has made me a little envious (OK, a lot) for a new fall wardrobe.

Parents, I say we resurrect the tradition for ourselves. Why should we let ourselves go? Don’t we deserve a new pair of boots, too?

And what better place than the capital of fashion? Manhattan, baby.

Consider it your reward for being frugal this summer and wearing last year’s maxi dresses with Target flip-flops, which have holes in them after daily use. Grab your gaggle of girlfriends and find New York City vacation rentals on our site.

Every fashionista knows of the strength in numbers, and traveling with a group will only translate to cheaper housing costs (if there is such a thing in NYC) like the East Village loft pictured. $275 a night won’t seem so bad when five of your BFFs are divvying up the tab.

Just make sure you designate an area of that dining room (I’d take the table–screw sit-down meals; you can eat standing up) for all your loot. And pack an empty suitcase for that fab new fall coat, Chloe handbag and J Brand denim.

Think of them as investments you’ll be able to pass down to your daughter.

At least that’s how I see it.

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