New York Vacation Rentals: Holidays in Gotham

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As traditional as it sounds, seeing the Christmas tree in Rockefeller Plaza has always been on our holiday bucket list.

What city does it better than Manhattan for getting into the Yuletide spirit AND ringing in the new year?

Manhattan vacation rentals like the one pictured are tailor made for girlfriend shopping trips, romantic getaways and New Year’s Eve vacations. If you haven’t spent a holiday in the city, why not now?

The four-bedroom triplex in the photograph has a special incentive for renters between Dec. 17 and Dec. 24: a weekly rate of $3,000. The home, the subject of HGTV’s “Selling New York” luxury real estate series, normally rents monthly for $24,000.

The Tribeca property is currently set up for a family–yes, that stylish blue carpeted room with the antlers on the wall is for a child–but adjustments can be made to suit your party.

If you do intend to take the little ones, don’t forget to snap photos in front of the famous tree, and you gathering with the brood in the Boffi open kitchen or in the 52-foot x 20-foot salon marked by a wall of windows. This could be your most glamorous holiday to date.

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