North Carolina Rentals: Lighthouse Alternatives

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A Dallas woman got creative while hunting for a New York vacation home. She bought a $25,501 lighthouse at auction instead, according to The Dallas Morning News.

Pretty friggin’ cool.

So what if the six-story home sits on a cement block off the shore of Lake Ontario and lacks a little thing called electricity. But once the renovations are all complete, that’s a story that won’t be topped at the dinner party: I own a lighthouse.

For the rest of us non-creative consumers who don’t have the first clue about restoring historically significant architecture in the middle of a body of water, renting a vacation home near a lighthouse (like the North Carolina vacation home above near Currituck Lighthouse) is the more reasonable alternative.  These stacked homes are built for families, but having been there as a single, I can say that the communities of Corolla, Duck and Nags Head bode well for solo or couple weekends, too. What’s more romantic than strolling along the beach with a lighthouse in the background?

I’ll tell you what: knowing that your temporary space has a heated saltwater pool and hot tub waiting for you when you come back from your walk.

Oh, and finding security in the fact that if the weekend somehow goes bad, you won’t have to swim back to shore to escape.

No offense, Miss Nolan.

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