Ocean City Rentals for Fall Retreats

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Nine blogs out of 10, I’d suggest making the most of your summer now and taking your trip before Labor Day. But this one time, it may be worth it to wait until September–especially if you don’t have little ones.

Check out the spacious vacation home above, one of many Ocean City rentals available on our site. It goes to the fall rate starting Sept. 12 for $1,100 a week. That’s a five-bedroom house for $1,100 a week. Does the delay really need justifying?

This immaculate townhouse sits on the in Sunset Island, a gated island community facing the bay. Walk to the beach, the indoor and outdoor pools and gym or try your crabbing or fishing skills from the pier. Hopefully you walk away with a bushel of the most succulent, meaty crabs you ever tasted and the grin of a cheshire cat for scoring this unbelievable deal.

Before you book, take note of the $75 registration fee that is due upon arrival. It secures six activity passes. If you need more, you’ll pay $70 per tag.

What’s that? A steak dinner for four at Outback? Totally doable considering you saved on the rental.

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