On the 1st Day of Christmas…

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Did you ask for a partridge in a pear tree from your true love? Probably not. But what an inspiration for a vacation! Check out part one of the “12 Days of Christmas” inspired vacations. These are great trips with perfect vacation home lodging. And best of all, these vacations are a perfect gift to or from your true love.

Pears are grown all over the world. Tell your true love that China and Italy are the world’s top producers of this sweet and juicy produce. Book your stay in Venice because this city on the water is the heart of true romance. Live like the locals in this apartment right at the city center. You’ll be a short gondola ride from everything. The history unfolds out every window and the charming old city views are the perfect backdrop for falling in love all over again. Some of the key features of this apartment include 2 bathrooms and amazing proximity to the rail station.

If you want to expand on the fruit theme some more, take a day trip to a vineyard. The owner of this apartment speaks great English and can help with area information and planning. Get the dish on the best street markets and bring some local treats back to your full kitchen. Italy is all about the food, and you’ll have everything you need to taste the best of what Venice has to offer.

If the partridge part is a better inspiration, have your true love take you to where legend says the first partridge appeared: Greece. The myth of origin opens with the ancient Greek Perdix, a skilled inventor. Tools such as the saw and the potter’s wheel are purported to be his craft work. He was so crafty, his uncle Daedalus got jealous and threw Perdix off a building. Not just any building: the temple of Athena on the Acropolis. The goddess caught him and changed him into the bird which was named after him, perdix, the partridge.

Mix old with new in this modern and chic luxury apartment in Athens. You’ll be just steps away from the Acropolis, site of the Perdix myth that bring you here. Outside you’ll find the best of antiquity’s architectural treasures, but inside, you’ll be totally immersed in modern convenience and comfort. Enjoy romantic amenities like a jacuzzi tub in a marbled master bath. The bedroom has a balcony with double doors so you have a perfect breakfast in bed spot just waiting.

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